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Parents are the first contact in a child’s life and the future prospect of such a child depends on certain phenomena exhibited by the parents in which attitude plays a crucial role. This study aims to examine the impact of parental attitudes on future economic survival of their children. The study is designed as a descriptive survey where 100 households are selected in Ajasa and Ipaja environ of Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State. The households selected are those that have had all children in adulthood and data of the selected households are drawn from previous secondary school records and comments from class teachers of such children which are used to decode their parental attitudes. All variables employed are converted to nominal scale to ensure the use of Probit regression technique. These variables are current economic status of the children, parental attitude towards education, parental attitude toward children discipline, parental participation in children extra curriculum activities, parental response to children’ ill- behaviour in schools, children education materials and facilities available in schools. The findings show that all variables are significant at different levels but parent attitude to children education is negative. Therefore, it can be said parental attitudes have significant impact on children future economic survival and they need to be supported by the government.


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Human trafficking has become a global phenomenon in which countries of the world are putting all necessary mechanism to check its inflows. Studies carried out so far have shown that all efforts to curb its spread amounted to nothing. This paper has the aim of examining the impact of human trafficking on the households and show that the benefits it confers on the households are the main reason for its continuous patronage. The study is designed as empirical research and 500 households are selected in Ogwa City in Edo State. The findings of the study show that there is significant relationship between the number of intending to migrate abroad and the expected improvement in their social- well being of their prospective families. Secondly, the findings of the study reveal that expectations of better standard of living lure many into the hands of human traffickers. Lastly, the findings of the study show that the families of the migrants attain higher standard of living than their counterparts. The study therefore recommends that exodus of people out of the country can be curbed if poverty is reduced in the lands and each household attains a level of well- being.

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