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Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision is a scientific approach to decision making with special emphasis on the quantification rather than qualification of decision variables. Quantitative analysis basically involves the application of Mathematical and Statistical tools in decision making process that will expose students to the various quantitative analytical techniques such as linear programming, integer programming, goal programming, dynamic programming, input-output models, game theory, markets chains, inventory models, queuing theory, simulation, network flows, transportation models, renewal model amongst others.

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Production management is best study in a production environment and is designed to help students understand the general theory and concept of production management, historical evolution of production management, production system, nature and scope of production management, basic concept of production system, production functions, element of production management, objectives of production, basic production decision, production and process design management, maintenance of tools and equipment, plant, location and layout, layout facility and location of plant. It will also exposed students to the basic production management techniques for a productive system such as: forecasting and planning, assignment method of linear programming, inventory model, queuing theory, regression and correlation, project planning techniques.

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Entrepreneurship as a field of study is becoming a topical issue for discussion by government at all levels. This is because of it significant to a developing nation like ours. With the growing rate of unemployment and the number of graduate been churn out from various tertiary institution, one can say with all confidence that the only antidote to this problem is ability to engage and expose Nigerian students early enough to entrepreneurial activities even while in school. This slide give an insight to the scope entrepreneurship.

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