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The Freewill/Determinism Debate has generated a lot of scholarly among philosophers and other disciplines. The contention is about taking sides about on human person be it product of evolution or creation has a freewill to make rational and moral choices or that his choices are determined for him by his biological make-up or exogenous natural or supernatural forces. The significance of the freewill and determinism debate is basically to have a clear perspective on the factors to be taken into consideration for reward be it praise or blame. This is very crucial for the dispensation of justice in the society. This course therefore will examine the works of Alvin Planting, Ninian Smart, J. L. Mackie and Antony Flew.  There will be an attempt to solve some of the problems. There will also be a close examination of the relationship of religion and philosophy.

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Evil is a reality in our world from past experiences, to the present and the foreseeable future. It is a universal experience that cannot be denied. It appears to that evil has a long history as man. In this course, the problem of evil focuses on the difficulty to explain the reasonableness of the existence of evil and the existence of God. The traditional theistic description of God from Christian view has generated so much arguments on the possibility of the existence of such a supernatural being, the creator of the universe and the reality of evil. Thus, this course will examine various arguments on the problem of evil such as pain, suffering and death.  It will also state how a believer could look at the problem of evil from the perspective of reason and faith.

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