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The ecological crises in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria is not unconnected to several factors, ranging from degradation and pollution; induced as a result of trade with Europe and eventual commercialization of the area by western countries. But all these were not to be if not for the demythologization of the traditional ecological myths through western Christianity. The active role of the missionaries made them accomplices in opening-up of the area to subsequent ecological crises. The paper therefore, aims to establish the argument that the demythologization of the myths that preserve the Niger Delta environment preceded and gave the way for ecological crises that are prevalent in Niger Delta area. The trend of the demythologization observed from the colonial to neo-colonial period, is therefore, instructive in the search for solution for the ecological crises in the Niger Delta area. Findings further shows that the myths were more effective than the government laws and policies on the protection of the environment, and that Christianity has found a replacement for these myths. Using both literal criticism approach the paper suggest a replacement of the myths by a combination of government and Christian efforts being a dominant religion in the area.

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