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This is ENG 212 course offered by 200 level students. The topic that will be shortly considered here is intonation. At the end of the class students would be exposed to different patterns or tunes of intonation. These patterns will help the students to know when to apply them appropriately in their conversations. Intonation as an odulation or movement of pitch in an utterance is a suprasegmental feature of speech.
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This course is studied at both 300 level and 400 level. It is an applied course meant for higher levels. The course exposes students to different ways of analysing data from a linguistic point of view. It also allows students to analyse data without any form of restriction. Data are subjected to linguistic analysis. This is to say that linguistic features that have stylistic effects in a particular data are identified and analysed. In order to carry out a good stylistic analysis of any text, language is crucial most especially functionality and descriptiveness. So, stylistics has to do with how language is used to perform different functions. It describes and interpret linguistic data from an objective perspective.  

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The performance of every Esan folktale is a significant and interesting moment of artistic experience. The narration of a folktale in Esanland is a total human experience that involves dramatizing the tale, uniting its aesthetics and sociology; and it is a work of art. Feminists state that all women are oppressed. However, women are expected to emancipate themselves from any traditional system that obstructs their development and grow into self-assertive and self, fulfilled women (Ezeigbo, 1996.)   I found that women who distinguish themselves in Esan folktales by being committed in one desirable field of human endeavour or the other and leading good lives are highly respected. They are not oppressed.

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