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The idea of contemporary history was novel to pre-20th century historians. To the
professional historians of the pre-20th century era, contemporary was taken as equivalent to “the present” while history was equated with the “past”. This is a reflection of that futile attempt to divorce the present from the past in the study of history. This dictioformy is certainly invalid. In actual life, no meaningful division exists between past, present and history as well as human activities cannot be so divided. Periodization in history is merely a matter of convenience because one age merges indiscernibly into another. In history, no rigid dates can be set to divide
modern history from any other and no date exists for the beginning of contemporary history (see E.H. Carr, „What is History? P.22).

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CAUSES: It is important to note that the Crimean war was fought between Russia and
Turkey, while the latter had the support of Britain and France. What then was the cause of this war?

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